Getting Down To Basics with Activities

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Fun And Creative Ways On Making Kids Understand Christianity

Many children would look at christianity as though it were something really plain and boring like just sitting on hard rock benches while singing songs of praise to the almighty God, and they never really associated it with fun and laughter. Adults know too well that christianity is not only about being in church and doing activities in the church, we all know that there is more to christianity than just serving the Lord on Sundays, but we cannot blame the kids for thinking otherwise. It is the job of the parents and the older people in the family to make the kids understand and have a deeper grasp of knowledge on what their faith is all about and what the different values and teachings are of the son of God. Down below are a few activities that can be used for the kids to endeavor with in order for them to fully understand what their religion is all about without giving them a boring time with their friends.

Let the kids volunteer to help those who are homeless

It is very important for any Christian to be always there for those who need him, because one of the values that the church teaches is to help those who need help, which is why it can be an educating experience to have your children learn to care about the less fortunate. Homeless shelters usually need help and need more assistance during those busy times of the whole year, which is why some volunteer to give out their hearts and lend a hand to those who are unfortunate in life. It would be a great help if you bring your kids with you when you volunteer on these homeless shelters because it can open their eyes and widen their knowledge about helping people who are in need of their help, making them understand what christianity really is. The children must also understand all those other important teachings and values aside from helping those who are less fortunate than they are, and they should be able to comprehend how christians do not only give out their hands, but that they are capable of doing more good for the sake of humanity. Some other things that volunteers do for the needy are:

Not only meeting them, but greeting them nicely as well.

Helping prepare the meals for those people who are hungry.

Serving them to those who want food for their stomachs.

Cleaning up the whole thing after everyone is done eating.

All those other cleaning duties that need to be done right after the whole program has been finished.

Playing with the kids on Christmas through giving them out some christmas scavenger hunt clues to find.