Right Options For Commercial Interior Design Now

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More and more people choose to integrate the workplace into the living room. This has the advantage that you are more closely involved with family life and that you will also consume less energy during the cold winter months. A home office in the living room in turn has some practical consequences. For example, lying documents, cables and computers can leave a messy impression. Here you can find some useful tips to create a successful balance between work and relaxation.

Location Of The Office

Good positioning of the workplace is the most important step in integrating a desk in the living room. You will have to provide natural light, a pleasant environment and last but not least enough privacy! For the interior design for commercial you will expect the best options now to us and that also within the budget that you think proper.

A clear shield between private and work is the most important factor when integrating a workplace in the living room. Position the workplace in such a way that visitors and family do not have to walk past the workspace. You can do this by placing the desk furniture in a “blind spot” and making sure that your desk is not a stopover between two rooms.

Circulation Living Room-Desk

If, for practical reasons, you have to place the desk centrally, it is advisable to install a divider or shield. This can be done by means of a low wall or low storage furniture. If the separation is too high, the workplace will feel claustrophobic and the sense of the living room can also be broken. The advantage of low separation is that you do not have to position yourself on the wall. You can have a good view of the living room while all the clutter is neatly hidden behind the partition.

Workplace In The Living Room: Lighting

To minimize the burden on your eyes, it is advisable to place your desk in a location with plenty of natural daylight. Correct placement of artificial lighting is also very important. To be sure that you will not have any disturbing light on the desk or on the computer screen, you should first test this out at different times of the day. Do you still suffer from incident light then you can also place under curtains that filter the sun rays without stopping the light.

Examples Desk In The Living Room

Almost ready to design your own Home office? Below you will find some nice furniture and solutions to make your desk a pleasant and attractive place.

A desk in wood exudes a lot of heat and fits perfectly into the living room. The office furniture above is made in oak and is distributed by Ethnicraft. You can also buy the corresponding cabinets so that your interior radiates one whole and your desk goes into space. Ethnicraft sales points can be found here.

If you have enough space in the living room, you can also screen the room visually with sliding semi-transparent panels. If you want more privacy at your desk, you can easily slide the panels.

If your office is to be seen, the Overdose Desk by Belgian designer Bram Boo might be something for you. This original office furniture is published by Bulo.

When you search for an office furniture you should definitely visit shops that sell professional office furniture. This furniture is often of high quality, very functional and with their sleek designs you can also perfectly integrate them into a living space. Above you see a desk with matching cupboard from the Robberechts brand.

Are you a fan of the vintage-look then this furniture from Mr. Marius will charm you. In addition to a retro desk, you will also find storage cupboards for folders in their collection.