Celebrating Interior Design Excellence in 2019

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Firmly established as one of the most prestigious events in the interior design industry, the SBID International Design Awards is back to recognise, reward and celebrate design excellence in a range of categories.

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Winning an SBID International Design Award is a distinguished achievement but taking park means much more. Each category undergoes a rigorous two-tier judging process by panels of leading industry experts for technical and aesthetic creativity. 

Award Categories 

  1. Hotel Public Space Design

A grandeur category dedicated exclusively to the public spaces within hotel interiors. Projects in the past have often included lobbies, spa’s, ballrooms and meeting rooms. All of which require a particularly inviting, creative and often opulent interior design. Entries can include a full or part refurbishment, new builds and restoration projects and should, of course, show the highest level of creativity, innovation and tact.

2. Residential Design Over £1M

One of the premium categories of residential design projects. With significantly more freedom of creative capacity, designers in this category are expected to demonstrate the utmost highest levels of stylistic flare. In previous years, its focus has been on killer-designs of residential projects with an overall value of £1 million. Designers have the opportunity t6o showcase their concentrated efforts of a single room, a level or the whole property. 

3. Hotel Bedroom and Suites Design 
Somewhat more intimate than the public areas of a hotel – bedroom and suite designs are expected to draw out and refine all the room has to offer. Considerations of space, views, ambience and time should all be considered. Entries include a full or part refurbishment in both new builds and restoration projects. 

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4. Residential Appartments Under £1M

This category seeks to recognise the achievement of the budget. It explicitly takes into consideration financial limitations and explores functionality and aesthetics. It’s a popular category full of inspiration and tactful interior design strategy. Entries have demonstrated superior economical and design tact.

5. Retail Design

One of the most dynamic categories, Retail Design covers all commercial interiors created for retail outlets including shopping centres, shops, showrooms, pop-up shops and galleries. Within these buildings, designers have the capacity to apply creative and innovative strategies, which is exactly what this category is judges upon. 

6. Residential House Under £1M

Interior design housing projects with an overall value of under £1M in this category will recognise, celebrate and reward the achievement for the budget and also the functionality and aesthetics of the design. The design of residential houses should tell a deeper story and fulfil the design criteria of its residents over that of public buildings. This is a category of warmth and meaning and is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the deeper implications of interior design.

7. Public Space Design 

This category is dedicated to the interiors of public spaces created as a service for the community. It’s a special category and one that holds much importance and attributes to enhance the quality of many lives. Such designs include airports, libraries, museums, schools and religious buildings. 

8. KBB Design 

The KBB category welcomes designs of kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms in residential buildings. Whether it’s a single room or multiple ones across the category, they shed light on the design capacity of KBB.

9. Show Flats and Developments 

A category that often gathers much attention across all industries, Show flats and Developments is for marketing homes and focuses on the ability to translate the developers vision and engage the customer. 

10. CGI and Visualisation 

This category rewards skill and innovation in the use of visual software. Once again attracting mass international attention. Entries are expected to include interior design visual or CGI that has been created on a visualisation program. Such includes AudoCadm 3DS Max, InteriCAD and Vectorworks.

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11. Office Design 

Dedicated exclusively to office design, this significant category welcomes entrants that can demonstrate how the concept of their design creates a pleasant, efficient workspace. It should meet the needs of the client and reflect the needs of the employees who work in the apace. 

12. Club and Bar Design 

Solely for club and bar interior design projects. Taken into account in this category is functionality, compliance and fit-for-purpose design. It’s a fun and stylish showcase of some of the most stunning bar designs in the world. 

13. Healthcare and Wellness Design 

With wellness at its core, this category can include any interior project within a hospital, healthcare facility, care-related property or wellness centre. Innovative approaches to healthcare environments are rewarded, as is visitor/patient engagement, 

14. Restaurant Design 

A popular category and one that includes an array of entrants from different backgrounds. It’s solely for the interior design of restaurants and is judged upon functionality, compliance and extent to which the design meets the needs and requirements for the purpose of the restaurant. 

15. Development of Sales Centre 

The category is specifically for the buildings that market newly built apartments and mixed-use developments. Such centres that are welcome in this category include development exhibition, children play areas and office facilities. They should aim to accurately provide the vision so as to engage the customer and generate sales. 

The Judging 

The SBID International Design Awards attracts entries from 46 countries- representing each continent. This internationality means that judges and the public are able to choose from the broadest field of projects in terms of scale, value, creative inspiration and technique. 

The rigorous three-tier judging process ensures that all entries are carefully scrutinised and that all projects are fairly assessed for their creative merit and technical expertise. Judges expect and look for creative delivery and the ability to inspire those who appreciate a truly spectacular design. 

Step 1, a technical panel of industry experts will carefully assess each entry on technicalities. Step 2, entrants go through the judges, each of which have been selected due to their standing in their creative field. 3 ensues the public vote, which makes up 30% of the final result.