Types Of Garden Room

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The home garden room is one of the most popular types of a garden structure. It can be found in many back gardens and can be set up in a number of different ways. It is a relatively simple room to set up and is very popular with people of all ages. It is also very easily expandable, which means that it can be used as a playroom or a bedroom when needed.

Knowing More About Garden Room

The term garden room is also used to describe a type of garden building that is a combination of the shed and the conservatory. It can be used to create a separate space for a greenhouse, a potting shed, or a flower bed. The open plan of the room allows for light to enter and makes it easy to see what is growing.

Back in the Victorian era, wealthy people had a lot of time on their hands, and the garden room was a perfect way to spend it. Not only did the room provide a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but it was also a great place for families to spend time together. These days, garden rooms still make a great addition to any home, not only for their relaxing and secluded atmosphere but also for the food they can grow right at home.

In the past few decades, there have been considerable changes in the types of garden rooms. These days, gardens are not only used for the embellishment of the house but also as an aesthetic expression of your personality.

What are the Types of Garden Room?

There are many types of garden rooms, but to get you started, here are the most common types:

  • Sloping roof garden room, also known as a lean to

This type of room has a sloping roof, which means that the ceiling slopes towards the front or side. This is great, as the room will have plenty of light at the highest point and won’t be too cramped.

  • Garden room with a skylight

A skylight is a window that is placed on the roof of the garden room and allows bright natural light to spill across the room.  

  • Small Garden Room

Small garden rooms are very popular with homeowners, and with garden designers now offering smaller-scale options, it’s no surprise that they’re becoming increasingly sought after. Homeowners commonly build small garden rooms to provide a space for entertaining or to add an extra room to their homes to create somewhere with a more relaxed atmosphere. Why not expand and create a small, cosy garden room if you’ve got the space?

  • Garden office
  • Garden gym

A garden gym is a great way of providing your family with a place to exercise in their own garden. It is a perfect alternative to the usual swing set and a great way to encourage children to have fun outside.

  • Garden Room with Shed

Some people like to have a garden room/shed combination, some like to have a separate garden room for a variety of family uses, while others use a shed to store tools and even a composting bin. In some cases, people love to use the shed to store their garden outdoor furniture.

  • Glass garden room

glass garden room has long been a popular addition to many gardens, as they allow the owner to enjoy the beauty of nature but maintain a sense of privacy. Such rooms may be built in the centre of an existing garden, or more traditionally, connected to the main house.

  • Wooden garden room

If you want to give your garden a touch of the countryside but don’t want to pay for expensive wooden garden furniture you can create a wooden garden room. It’s simple enough to create one of your own—a wooden garden room is a great alternative to other styles of garden rooms.

  • Contemporary garden room interior

The contemporary garden room takes a different approach to garden room interior design than the classical or rural styles. It is a room laid out in a contemporary manner, which may include trendy furniture and bold colors.

Garden rooms are one of the most popular types of garden structures, they are also the most adaptable type of garden buildings. This is because they can be used in a number of different ways.  Of the many ways to create a garden room, the key is to focus on creating the most interesting space possible. The walls, ceiling, and floor should be designed to complement each other and draw the eyes in, rather than detract from the overall atmosphere.

Before you start planning your perfect outdoor space, you might want to consider what type of garden room to build. Most people choose one of these types of rooms because they offer certain features that make them more suitable to their needs.