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Cleaning Laminate floors

Whether it is Bamboo, Vinyl, laminate or wood flooring Floor Smart offers itall. But cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring is the easiest and most convenient. When you go into one of the Floor Smart stores you will be greeted with friendly faces who will offer you guidance and advice on the advantages and disadvantages of each of the different ranges on offer. The customers’ needs are always a priority and they offer value for money. Cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring is easy and convenient so you won’t go wrong when choosing laminate flooring. You have a large selection to choose from so whether you want to install the flooring yourself or get it installed by one of the professionally trained staff you will get the laminate flooring that you have always dreamt of. Now you can have your family and friends over for that unexpected visit with peace of mind.…

The advantages of laminate flooring

There are numerous advantages to opting for laminate flooring in Pietermaritzburg. One issue is that given the humidity, it has a high resistance to mould, especially if it has been fitted correctly. Unlike wood, it also won’t swell during the rainy season. It is attractive, durable and versatile, all at a lower cost than many other options.

Here are some other benefits.

Choose from an array of attractive finishes

Your finish for laminate flooring in Pietermaritzburg can be virtually anything you desire. That’s because of the way it is manufactured – any design you can thinking of can be printed and imposed as the upper laminate photography layer. This is what gives this underfoot covering its unique wood grain appearance.

Anything is possible, thanks to cutting-edge printing technology innovations. The end result means you can alter not only the 2-D flat appearance of the image or pattern, but excitingly, you …

How to repair a scratched laminate floor

Laminate flooring can be described as durable, although there are times when accidents are bound to happen, resulting in marks on the floor.

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As the demand for laminate flooring is gaining popularity according to Contracting Flooring Journal now is a good time to find out how to repair any scratches to your laminate flooring.

Floor colour matching

Contact the manufacturer of the waterproof laminate flooring to find out whether they stock a repair putty or wax that is the same colour as your floor. Most stockists will have supplies that can be easily applied by a diy-er to the floor.

Minor scratches

With small scratches you can use a wax pencil or crayon to fill the marks in. However, it is important to choose a pencil that is a good colour match. Use a smooth cloth to rub down the sides of the crayon to help it to …