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Cleaning various types of Area Rugs

Area rugs can substantially change the interior of any home. They can be made from various materials starting from wool, coir, fur, cotton to silk. They can be woven, handmade or machine made.  Just like the varied materials and types the cleaning process of these rugs can vary largely. Following are the methods of cleaning various types of area rugs.

Wool rugs 

Wool rugs need special care while cleaning. To prevent damaging the wool rug only cool water should be used. To clean a wool rug at home it should first be vacuumed in both side and shaken so that the dirt becomes loose. To wash the rug it should be laid down in a flat surface and cleansed with a mild cleansing solution which can be rubbed using a washcloth gently over the rug. It needs to be rolled up to press the water out and then laid flat …

Cowhide Rugs for Your Home

All homes need a very special touch. Every room needs something that makes it come alive. Such is the case with the right kind of rug. Those who love rugs know they can transform any room from ordinary to something full of color, life and delightful texture. This is the case with the cowhide rug. Rugs made from cow hide are rugs that have been carefully designed. They make full use of natural materials. In the process, the rugs offer what every room needs to make it instantly pleasing. Take a cowhide rug and watch as it nearly instantly transforms any space. Over the years, people have come to understand exactly why this a good choice for their home. The same is true today for anyone in search of modern, contemporary style.

Incredibly Easy

The rug made from cow hide offers many advantages. One of the most enjoyable is …

Must Have Rugs for 2018

We’ve waved goodbye to 2017. Time to get your thinking caps on and decide what improvements are going to be made in 2018. You might be the kind of person who likes to set their own trends. In which case, take a look at what Hiderugs has to offer in the form of top quality animal skins. If you’re more of a follower, let’s consider what going to be hot this year.

Adding a rug is a very good way of updating a room without going all out and redecorating completely. There are an endless range of colours, patterns and shapes to choose from. A rug can make a very important statement, or it can complement other features. With a rug it’s possible to clarify or highlight a theme. Colour can also be used to great effect.

Now that we’re well into the New Year it looks like bold …