How to Get 100% of Your Property’s Worth | Avoiding Commissions

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Are you looking for ways on how you can save money when you sell your house? Do you think agent commissions are too much and you don’t want to pay for it? Let me tackle some important details about hiring a professional real estate agent and how you can avoid paying for commissions.

If you’re trying to sell your house, your first thought might be hiring a professional real estate agent to help you. Well, for first-timers, this traditional way is really the first thing that will pop on your mind. Most people choose this option because they do not have an in-depth idea about selling a house. And, this is the most popular way so we can’t blame you if you chose this route.

Another option that you may be thinking is selling through a reputable real estate investor. There’s a lot of benefits if you choose this route. By working with a real estate investor, you’re practically cutting off the middle man (the real estate broker), which means saving thousands of dollars on real estate commissions and other fees. This is just one of the many wonderful benefits you’ll get. Allow me to enumerate some more…

Advantages of Working With a Real Estate Investor

Sometimes, it is better to try new things. Think outside the box and leave your comfort zone. Dealing with credible real estate investors is just exactly that! You’ll be surprised to know that there are lots of benefits that you can get. Here are some that you’ll surely love.

  • Get Paid in cash and close quickly – a good real estate investor can work completely around your schedule. They can close in as fast as a week instead of months or years with a traditional sale. The best part is, you’ll get paid in cash. So, if you’re pressed for time and would really need fast cash, working with an investor is your best bet.
  • Sell your house as-is – They won’t require you to make any repairs or even clean the house. They just need one visit and a good investor should be able to offer you a deal right off the bat. This is in contrast with a traditional real estate agent sale which will require you to do as much repair to the house as possible. They need you to do all the work in order to get buyers to take an interest in your property.
  • Avoid paying thousands of dollars on commission –  If a real estate agent was able to sell your property, then you’ll be required to pay them commissions which could go up to 6% (sometimes more!) imagine the amount that would be wasted. If you work with an investor, you don’t need to pay a fee because there is no middle man — you’ll work directly with the buyer.

How to Get 100% of Your Property’s Worth | Avoiding Commissions

When you sell your property to a credible home buying company, you won’t have to worry about any real estate agent commissions at all! Heck, you can even find one that’ll pay for your closing costs. The fact that you have the option to do this means you also have options to save a lot of money. Money that you could save up or spend on different things. It is really important to weigh out all of these things when you’re trying to decide how you will sell your house. But at the end of the day, you’re still the last person to decide. If you think listing to an agent will be good for you — then go for it. But if you want 100% of your property’s worth then selling to a home buying company is your best bet!