What Does Your Roof Protect?

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Your roof is responsible for protecting your home. There are a series of components that your roof is responsible for protecting inside your home such as your foundation, landscaping, and siding. Understanding more about the components of your roofing system will help you learn more about the various items that it’s protecting and why it’s so important.

Attic Protection

Roof vents are installed to improve ventilation and air movement throughout your home. By making sure that the warmer air can circulate and be removed from your home, large temperature changes can be prevented. Roof vents also prevent the chance that your attic will retain moisture.

Siding Protection

The siding of your home is regularly exposed to the elements but actual deterioration can be prevented due to your roof overhanging on the siding materials. Having a roof on top of the siding prevents water from sliding down the side of your home which can cause added wear and tear.


Your roof is crucial to protecting the foundation of your home. Your roof will catch water and then redirect it away from your foundation during heavy rainfall which could prevent the chance of your foundation being washed out. When soil along the side of your home has the chance to wash out and become saturated, it could affect the structural integrity of your home or even cause your home to sink.

Protecting Internal Structures

Your roof needs to be able to withstand a variety of forces including strong winds, heavy rain, and UV radiation. A roof is one of the most resilient features of a home and when your roof becomes damaged this can lead to problems with the internal structure of your home such as your foundation abs roof trusses. Regular roof inspections twice a year ensure that your roof will be able to stand up to the next weather event.

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