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Increase The Value Of Your Home With These Handy Home Improvement Tips

Is this your first home improvement project? It’s likely you’re feeling somewhat lost. It can be somewhat overwhelming to do a project, at first. Read on and learn some great tips to help you with your next home improvement project.

A crazy addition will add some pizazz to your house. Consider installing built-in shelving in your library or a wine cellar inside your basement. Additions like these will impress visitors, but will also give potential buyers an extra reason to purchase your property.

Plain lampshades can make your whole room look boring. With stencils, you can brighten them up. Use paint or an ink pad to add designs that be taken from a template, then add them to your boring lampshades. Using this simple tip can make your whole room appear livelier.

You can make a huge positive difference in the appearance of a room by installing a new floor …

5 Handy Tips for Rustic Shabby Chic Décor

Decorating a home involves making lots of decisions which can be stressful. Rustic shabby chic is one of the trending décor styles as we speak. It is an option that doesn’t require much effort or cost. The process is really exciting and there are different ideas on how to incorporate rustic shabby chic in your home online. This style can also be introduced outdoors for a balanced look. Perhaps you’re about to redesign your home, these suggestions will assist you during the entire process.

1.   Choose the right colors

Each décor style has its peculiar color palettes. Cool colors that include white, cream, mint color, light pink, muted grey and sky blue will work best for rustic shabby chic. However, care must be taken to avoid creating an extremely feminine look. Selecting the right colors is the key to making your home appear bigger. Even though this décor style support …