5 Handy Tips for Rustic Shabby Chic Décor

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Decorating a home involves making lots of decisions which can be stressful. Rustic shabby chic is one of the trending décor styles as we speak. It is an option that doesn’t require much effort or cost. The process is really exciting and there are different ideas on how to incorporate rustic shabby chic in your home online. This style can also be introduced outdoors for a balanced look. Perhaps you’re about to redesign your home, these suggestions will assist you during the entire process.

1.   Choose the right colors

Each décor style has its peculiar color palettes. Cool colors that include white, cream, mint color, light pink, muted grey and sky blue will work best for rustic shabby chic. However, care must be taken to avoid creating an extremely feminine look. Selecting the right colors is the key to making your home appear bigger. Even though this décor style support matching different patterns and colors, make sure that a particular color is present in every fabric.

2.   Prioritize high-quality materials

Be determined to invest in high-quality materials when shopping for furniture and accessories. The good thing is that acquiring quality items doesn’t cost a fortune. More so, you will enjoy them for years without any issue. Most homeowners get reclaimed wood in flea stores at budget-friendly prices. Check whether the chairs are comfortable before making a payment. Another option that will give you peace of mind is to buy rustic shabby chic décor furniture at authentic e-commerce stores.

3.   Vintage fabrics are a must

Ruffled bed skirts and curtains with lacy or floral fabrics are the real deal in shabby chic inspired style. You will also need vintage fabrics, but the downsides of most new ones are that they often come with a hefty price tag and may be delicate. Soaking the fabrics in tea will help you to achieve a distressed look. Test a small section first to determine whether it’s the shade you want. There is no need to iron the materials as long as they are neat. Use slipcovers that are easy to maintain for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

4.   Add candles and flowers

Introducing fresh flowers and scented candles can perfect the style of rustic shabby chic for your home. Both have the power to improve indoor air quality and the wellbeing of your family members. Although artificial flowers are easy to maintain, they tend to accumulate dust and can pose harm to humans.

5.   Repurpose old items

One of the benefits of this type of décor style is that you can use some of the items you already have. Nothing is useless in shabby chic décor unless it’s falling apart. Take an objective look at each item and imagine how it can add value. For instance, old spoons can serve as candle holders while you may decide to separate a single room into sections with old shutters. Revamp your hardware with sandpaper or another finish instead of replacing them. Recycling old pieces will help you to save money and have an eco-friendly home in the long run.