How to secure children and pets from noxious paint effects?

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The obvious answer is to not let your child or pet play, sleep, eat near the place where the paint is used. Still, when such an option is impossible, keep a close eye on their activities to prevent possible contact with chemicals.

If somehow your child or pet got paint on their skin or hair (fur), wash the paint off with the tap water. Watch out the skin for the allergic reaction!

If the paint got in the eyes or mouth, immediately wash it out with clean water and go to the doctor with the data sheet, which usually comes together with paint. If you see the abnormal reaction on paint (vomiting, fainting, etc.) call the ambulance in short order.

In conclusion

Forewarned is forearmed – knowing about the harm the paint can cause you can do everything required to prevent the negative effects.

Your family’s safety should be the top priority not only for you but also for the sash window experts you’ve hired. Make sure that your workers have a signed risk assessment and a method statement. Feel free asking for their insurance and membership with relevant Health and Safety organizations.

Working with Chameleon, you can forget about all the risks sash windows repainting brings. Our repairmen are registered in CHAS, do annual first aid training, and put safety at the forefront of their work. Chameleon offers clients top work quality & safety at one stroke.