Top Home Design Trends For 2019

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Next year is sure to be filled with new, exciting home design trends. Some trends might be momentary and won’t have a great appeal to homeowners who want to remodel their homes; however, other trends are definitely a total game changer and will be a staple in 2019.

Know about these upcoming custom home design in Victoria BC trends and suggestions in the list below.

The Modern Farmhouse Look

The modern farmhouse design is a combination of modern and rustic, which is great for those who like southern style houses. This design has varying elements like white stone, whitewashed wood, wooden beams, homespun décor and white stone. With its warm undertones, clean lines and big windows, this look provides that feeling of openness. A modern farmhouse design is perfect for families.

The Loft

Nowadays, more houses are starting to include lofts in their houses. These lofts can be converted into useful spaces, such as a play area, a reading area. However, what makes a loft more fun is the way where you can access it. A great way to make it more exciting is by turning the staircase going to the loft into a bookcase. By doing this, it will be more fun for the kids while making it accessible to anyone.

Placing Secondary Bedrooms Near Master Bedroom

Another ongoing trend that is sure to make its way next year is placing secondary bedroom near the master bedroom as more and more parents prefer to have kid’s room close to them. Since the coming of smartphones, family interaction has changed drastically. Family togetherness has been replaced with technology. And having the secondary bedroom near the master bedroom, parents can easily check and go into their kid’s room with ease.

Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers are refreshing space, especially during hot summer days. Taking a shower to the sound of nature can be an exotic experience. Outside showers aren’t only lavish, but are practical too! After a long run, you can rinse before going into the pool. And after enjoying your swim, you can easily wash off the chlorine has never been more convenient.

Though it’s natural to use design trends as a means to start developing your design, creating your own style is important if you want to have that authentic home. Focus on the aspects that make you happy, comfortable and help improve your overall wellbeing. Then start about making room designs that will satisfy those aspects – this is the most direct way of creating a home design that will make you feel contented.

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