Colourful Pots for Your Garden

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Many companies present various collections of design vases for your garden furniture. Some produce modern and colorful plastic vases, design planters and furnishing accessories for outdoors and for your home.

The produces elegant and colorful design vases, a material that is always very resistant and recyclable. The collections are designed to amaze through shapes and colors. A minimal design that cannot renounce the power of the brightest colors, to customize the interior and exterior spaces of your home with plastic vases of different sizes and finishes.

The colors in the design of the vases are important to give that touch of freshness and naturalness that a garden furniture needs: acid green, cyclamen, orange and red enamel: each color has its own meaning. You can choose the Pistachio colour garden pots to give voice to your home! Bright and bright shades but also transparent solutions and mirrored surfaces to emphasize flowers and plants, but above all to your personality.

In addition, the most traditional and most used materials are certainly terracotta or plastic; the latter, if chosen in warm shades, ensures a safe saving in economic terms and is light and versatile. However, you should pay close attention to its contents: a plastic pot, especially if exposed to the south, and therefore at the hottest hours of the day, not being a transpiring material, could subject the plant to a continuous state of humidity, which could be harmful. In this case, it is therefore desirable to use a non-synthetic material, such as terracotta. 

Before buying an outdoor vase it is a good idea to always make sure that the producer declares that the pots resist temperatures from -60 ° to + 80 °. This temperature range will guarantee the life of the vase without alteration of color and resistance. The garden pots are usually offered in two finishes:  a glossy and a rough to the touch:  both these finishes have the same characteristics of resistance. In the case of a glossy finish, make sure that it is not obtained by lacquering or following coloring.

Even those who do not have the green thumb can follow some simple guidelines that are used to make the green habitat more comfortable on your balconies: it is enough to reconcile personal taste with the needs of each plant. Once the material has been chosen, all that remains is to decide the size of the vases because a too large vase leads to a waste of water, while one too small makes the plant suffer and even die.

The size also depends on the growth capacity of the plant: if it is slow the vase chosen at the beginning will remain the same for many years, while in the case of plants that grow quickly must check that the roots do not remain suffocated. If it is too big, the plant will not grow because it will use all its energy to allow the roots to spread and grow in the new soil at the expense of the leaves.

The ideal is, in any case, to be well informed about the plant that we are about to repot, verifying the actual extension of the structure without being fooled by the size of what comes out of the earth because many plants, albeit large, have very small and short roots and therefore they can be placed in small or low vessels.