In Search of Space: 7 Ways to Increase Space In Your Small Bathroom

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Whether it’s our life or our bathroom, we all have that want for space. And, unlike our lives, we can sort out the inconvenience of the absence of space in our bathroom quietly easily. Sounds interesting? Well, it is so and that too without costing you much. And as far as space is concerned, we can afford a bit of fortune, can’t we?

Bathroom space is quite a concern for those of us who have a small bathroom. Because it consists of all the bathroom essentials for our everyday usage, space gets compromised on its own. However, it is not impossible to increase space in your small bathroom or even to pretend that there is more space available than there actually is. One such way of utilizing your bathroom space effectively is with the help of bathroom vanity cabinets.

Here are 7 ways to increase space in your small bathroom:

  1. Be bold, be colorful:  Although it is widely believed that light colors work better for smaller spaces, bright colors can certainly add energy and personality to your small bathroom space. Opt for a color like blue or maroon.

Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) bathroom vanity cabinets are available in various sizes that can be great for such smaller spaces.

  • Light it up: You certainly would not want to search for your toothbrush after waking up in the morning. Avoid this trouble by making your small bathroom a well-lit space. Moreover, if you find that overhead lights are not enough, try installing small light fixtures around the mirror or a sconce on the main wall.

There are glass bathroom vanity cabinets available which you can also use if you are planning to install lights. This will make the bathroom much more appealing visually.

  • To store, perchance to decorate:  It is very important to make use of space in a small bathroom. Thus, always think about space before opting to decorate. For example, wicker baskets and wire storage caddies can be perfect for small bathrooms due to their minimal appeal yet effective storage.

Open-shelf bathroom vanity cabinets can be very much effective in storage as well as space efficiency. Their open nature makes the bathroom appear more spacious.

  • Easy Access: A small bathroom is more prone to traffic. Thus it is suggested to organize your bathroom in a way so that you do not bump into any component or have to dodge while accessing your bathroom.

Opting for RTA bathroom vanity cabinets is a plus in this case due to their smaller sizes and customizable options.

  • Cut out the Clutter: It is already a small bathroom, and any kind of clutter will only make it appear smaller. Take out those half-empty bottles of shampoo and the extra soap cases. Clear your countertop and use small bins instead to store only what is necessary. You can also opt for a vanity tray as it makes the place much cleaner and makes it appear sober and appealing. Get yourself a vintage cabinet just outside the bathroom and store all your supplies there.
  • Curtain abolishing: Curtains tend to hide a lot of space thereby making your bathroom appear smaller; which is why it is strongly suggested to get rid of them. If you still want a division of some kind, go for glass doors. It will make the space appear larger while giving it a style statement.
  • The Space in the Mirror: A mirror provides the illusion of space in the most perfect manner. This is why it is suggested to go for a mirror, more so for smaller bathrooms. Based on the amount of space you have on the wall, you can either go for a long mirror or an oval mirror or a square mirror.

Keeping these 7 points in mind will help you make your small bathroom appear larger and more spacious. Such a bathroom not only has a great positive effect on your guests due to its visual appeal but also complements your overall home décor. And who doesn’t love showing of home décor?!