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How to repair a scratched laminate floor

Laminate flooring can be described as durable, although there are times when accidents are bound to happen, resulting in marks on the floor.

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As the demand for laminate flooring is gaining popularity according to Contracting Flooring Journal now is a good time to find out how to repair any scratches to your laminate flooring.

Floor colour matching

Contact the manufacturer of the waterproof laminate flooring to find out whether they stock a repair putty or wax that is the same colour as your floor. Most stockists will have supplies that can be easily applied by a diy-er to the floor.

Minor scratches

With small scratches you can use a wax pencil or crayon to fill the marks in. However, it is important to choose a pencil that is a good colour match. Use a smooth cloth to rub down the sides of the crayon to help it to …

Interstate Moving

Moving is always a big stress, especially if we are talking about interstate moving. There are so many things to include in your moving checklist. You need to plan your move from A to Z: you will have to think about what to take and what to leave behind, pack and label all the boxes, think about what you will be eating during the move and the first days at your new place when you still cannot find all your dinnerware. Also, you need to change your address and redirect all your correspondence. And of course, take care of your pets and kids during this time. A lot of things on your hands!

However, interstate moving doesn’t have to be all that stressful if you hire our professional interstate removals service. Our interstate removalists Sydney to Melbourne will take care of every detail from packing to carefully moving your …

Must Have Rugs for 2018
We’ve waved goodbye to 2017. Time to get your thinking caps on and decide what improvements are going to be made in 2018. You might be the kind of person who likes to set their own trends. In which case, take a look at what Hiderugs has to offer in the form of top quality animal skins. If you’re more of a follower, let’s consider what going to be hot this year.

Adding a rug is a very good way of updating a room without going all out and redecorating completely. There are an endless range of colours, patterns and shapes to choose from. A rug can make a very important statement, or it can complement other features. With a rug it’s possible to clarify or highlight a theme. Colour can also be used to great effect.

Now that we’re well into the New Year it looks like bold …